Reverse Blockade

“Reverse Blockade: emphatically insisting upon something which is the opposite of the truth blocks the average person’s mind from perceiving the truth. In accordance with the dictates of healthy common sense, he starts searching for meaning in the “golden mean” between truth and its opposite, winding up with some satisfactory counterfeit. People who think like this do not realize that this effect is precisely the intent of the person who subjects them to this method. ”
Page 104, Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

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    Common Core fried their minds till they no longer trust themselves, to think, to reason,to contemplate why? They are conditioned to accept authority as truth.

    I-Pads and Texting conditioned them to think in short phrases and simple commands, especially with emotional content.. in depth analysis of ideas is discouraged if not impossible (tl:dr)

    Obama was a pretty good hypnotist… (That weird head turning in his first speeches which was replaced with more subtle methods) Those kids that liked listening to him dribble platitudes, and hopeful lies while the Clintons stole everything..

    And now Soros pays them..for performance art, wearing plastic vaginas on their heads.

    EDIT Sidebar: Trance is quite pleasant, ask the kids that liked listening to Obama speak…Ask any kid who daydreams, but, if you don’t know about it, that pleasant-ness can be used as a carrot to reward belief, to make people who believe the official 911 story, to make scientologists, to make kids wear plastic vagina hats
    or induce the young people of entire nations to race off to perform serial murder for corporate profit.

    And then there is this:

    “Contrary to general belief, it has been my experience that the more intelligent the subject, the easier it is to induce hypnosis” Ralph Slater, Stage Hypnotist, played Carnegie Hall several times the winter of 1949/1950 then Dianetics appeared the next spring..

    “War is the greatest injustice. We are not fighting the culprits. Those who pay, who incite, who use the media to make people turn against each other – this is who we should fight against.” – Alexey Mozgovoy, commander of the “Ghost” brigade, killed May 23, 2015?

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